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EVAPCO offers a variety of heating and cooling solutions for ventilation systems, refrigeration and industrial processes. All calculations are made in our product selection software, CoilCalc, which has been developed by EVAPCO with more than 30 years experience with coil production. EVAPCO products are custom made and can be supplied in many different material combinations.

Flexibility at its best

Heating and Cooling Coils come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the application, cooling medium and coil geometries can span a wide range of material choices and configurations.

EVAPCO supplies coils in all sizes and virtually all material combinations in accordance with the needs, wishes and requirements of the customers.

Optimal project solutions are adopted in all cases and customers benefit automatically from EVAPCO expertise in the areas of thermo, aero and hydrodynamics and acoustics.

For technical support with your CoilCalc/Product selection, please contact EVAPCO at info@evapco.dk.

"Only the customer’s imagination sets the limit"

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